To guarantee our customers the production of a quality olive oil we make sure that all stages of the supply chain – from the choice of ingredients to company management policies – are scrupulously subjected to continuous and preventive controls. 

Ensuring consumer safety is the first requirement that makes our oils quality products: good, genuine and healthy.

Product hygiene quality

This is the principle on which our entire management policy is based. In order to offer our customers a healthy and safe product, we pay the utmost attention to all stages of processing. Every year, before the production process, samples of the water used in the manufacturing process are taken from all the machines and sent to an accredited external laboratory to verify its conformity.

Service quality

We always aim to obtain the maximum satisfaction of our customers, that’s why every year we set up new procedures to improve the offer of our service.  The most important are:
  • the guarantee of “satisfied or reimbursed up to 18 months after purchase”, an exclusive offer only from Frantoio Oleario Pace
  • the constant monitoring of deliveries, by express courier, to ensure an increasingly timely service
  • the utmost attention to the feedbacks from our customers
  • the toll-free number available 12 hours a day for any request or communication

Organoleptic and sensory qualities of the product

The experience gained over all these years through studies, research, conferences, seminars, training activities and, last but not least, the daily practice of the fratelli Pace, have allowed us to create a tasting group extremely qualified in the organoleptic evaluation and selection of the best oils. Before the oil is packaged, to confirm the quality of our products is required a further taste test to an external laboratory.

Analytical product quality

In addition to internal controls, all the ingredients entering the plant and all the finished products leaving the plant are analyzed by accredited external laboratories that verify which information appears on the label. Each batch of packaged oil is then subjected to analysis that certify compliance with current regulations and product characteristics. The certification is a further choice to guarantee the goodness of our oils.

Quality of work and organization

To achieve the quality objectives that guide us in our work, it is essential to have a structure capable of supporting all company initiatives. For this reason, Fratelli Pace has developed a system that involves all personnel in the implementation of the company’s improvement processes through specific training courses.