Environmental certification

We believe that respect for the environment is the basis for building a sustainable future. For this reason, in the production of our oils, we pay the utmost attention to minimize the environmental impact, through a correct and increasingly careful management of production processes, consumption and disposal. The purpose of our Environmental Certification is the cold production and packaging of extra virgin olive oil, the packaging of olive oil and olive pomace oil.

SGS Italy IT06/0706 certified

System certification

The Quality Management System certification allows us to offer consumers products and services guaranteed by a constant and continuous quality control, because our products before being good are healthy, genuine and safe. The aim of the Company certification is the preparation, cold production and packaging of extra virgin olive oil. Preparation, production and packaging of olive oils.

SGS Italy Certificate No. IT00/0179

Product certification

Not only quality of service and production systems, continuous improvement must also be applied to product quality. Our product certification guarantees careful controls throughout the entire production process to ensure quality characteristics superior to those required by law. The products subject to certification are Fruity and Sweet Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Light Spicy, De-Stoned, Non-Filtered, Novello and Saporito Olive Oil, Delicate Olive Oil. 

SGS Italy Certificate No. 14/747P

Certificato BIO

Organic oil certification

The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from olives coming from olive groves where no synthetic products are used, but only natural fertilizers. The production process is separate from the others and requires a continuous control from the olive grove to the bottling in order to guarantee a healthy and reliable oil, in compliance with the regulations on organic products. 

Bioagricert certificate – control code IT BIO 007 A31A