The oil, a vocation

In the distant 1970s, Mr. Vincenzo Pace decided to pursue his passion for olive oil, encouraged by relatives and friends. This is how he began to sell his olive oil outside the small town of Avigliano, in the Basilicata region, to make it known in the territory.



The first oil mill

Vincenzo Pace’s oil was immediately a great success and convinced him to invest his savings and energy in the realization of his biggest dream: the opening of his own oil mill. Thus was born the first Pace family oil mill in the town of Pietragalla.



A new look

With the first successes, the quality of the service offered to customers also improved: new and modern packaging was created for the products of the Frantoio Pace and shipments for the first time were delivered in personalized and recognizable vans.



Production renewal

In the 2000s many things happen. The oil mill is renewed several times until the realization of an innovative plant with three production lines (the traditional millstones, the crusher and the pitting machine). Telephone sales are introduced to guarantee direct delivery throughout Italy. The production of pitted extra virgin oil begins after two years of research with the University of Basilicata. The first website and online shop are created.



The story continues

Since 2017 Canio and Rocco Pace have been enrolled in the Regional Register of “Mastri Oleari” – Official Bulletin of the Apulia region number Year XLVIII-Bari 31  August 2017 Number 102.

Today, more than 30,000 families in Italy share the pleasure of tasting the extra virgin olive oil of Frantoio Oleario Pace.